Luxury dry cleaning and laundering

We use a unique dry cleaning process in our company which is done in several steps and leads to a very satisfactory result. Our team put its skills and experience in order to determine the cleaning method leading to the best possible result. Each piece of clothing is therefore treated in a customized way and through the following steps:

Pre-inspection: The garment is examined from all sides (general appearance, place / back, underarm, maintenance sheet). We attach high importance to respecting material (cashemire, silk...) Then, we verify if there are missing buttons, dirt, defect before removing stains.

Stain remover : a key step in the process which allows to prepare for dry cleaning. The stain remover selects the most suitable product to remove the stain and the level of vapor and pressure suitable for the operation, depending on the fabric and its composition. Individual spots (ink, blood or paint) are treated at this time individually thanks to the know-how and the seniority of our technician as well as the performance of regularly renewed material. White clothes (shirt, bodice ...) are handled carefully so that they keep all their whiteness and brilliance.

Dry cleaning: Once the clothes are ready for dry cleaning, they are sorted by color and type of fabric and placed in the dry machine.

Ironing: Our ironers then take care of your clothes in order to give them back to you as new: seams and collars are ironed perfectly, creases are eliminated, hems are checked and clothes are touched-up with steam if necessary.

Examination and clothings' storage : this is the final step in the process, each piece of clothing is scrupulously inspected by our specialists who make the necessary improvements if needed. clothes are then protected by a plastic film, surrounded by silk paper and stored in our stock.

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