Why choose our boxes?

Handcrafted and ecological quality

Our boxes are created by specialists in the conservation of works of art in France

Lifetime warranty

If you have any concerns, we'll replace the box for you free of charge.


Your dress will be stored in its box by our specialists

The Wedding Dress Box: 69€

This box gives you access to the técnicas de conservación de las musas. It is suitable for any type of dress and precious textiles.

It is particularly suitable for strapless dresses, voluminous dresses with a train, dresses cut in the bias or in mesh.

The wedding dress box contains:

  • 1 large conservation box identical to those in museums: 200 x 61 x 15 cm
  • 1 muselina de conservación de soia
  • 1 ribbon of satén
  • 1 hanger now your in the box in "ready to store" presentation

It must be stored flat in a living room (no cellar, attic or garage). Also take care to avoid any contact with a heat source. (Radiator, sun etc ...)


The polymer used to make your box conforms to international standards for the conservation of precious materials. At the same time neutral, light and rigid, insensitive to water, tear-proof and recyclable.

It will allow to ensure optimal protection of the fibers of your dress, against oxidation, yellowing and premature aging.

Chiffon is specially designed in a specialized French workshop to prevent oxidation and premature aging of fibers. Its pH is neutral and the material is untreated and natural.

Our boxes are billed in France and delivered "ready to assemble ". However, if you entrust us with the cleaning, we offer you the placement of your dress in its box, ready to be tidy.

The La Teinturerie box is the assurance of keeping your wedding (or evening) dress over time without any worries!

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About La Teinturerie

La Teinturerie is your dry cleaning specialist in wedding dress cleaning since 1955. We have been working for many years with all the luxury wedding providers and all the great designers and are aware of the care and rigor that must be provided to the treatment of your wedding dress.

La Teinturerie specializes in supporting businesses and processing exceptional pieces. We work with all the major Parisian houses in fashion, wedding and offer them our luxury laundry services in Paris. La Teinturerie offers a range of flexible and tailor-made services adapted to the requirements of the largest houses in the capital. La Teinturerie is your provider of choice if you are looking for a Haute Couture dry cleaners.

We also offer exclusive cleaning partnerships with a tailor-made formula for all major Parisian houses throughout the year.

La Teinturerie offers a tailor-made service to newly weds:

  • Dry cleaning and high-end laundry
  • Cleaning of suede, leather, skin and fur
  • Furnitures : Cleaning your curtains, rugs and carpets at home
  • Specialist on wedding dresses, evening dresses, christening dresses, procession dresses, uniforms, lawyer's robes, theatre costumes
  • Carpets cleaning, furnitures cleaning (chairs, sofa, couch)
  • Handbags cleaning
  • Footwear care, polish and pamper
  • Removal service, delivery for every cleaning quantity above 100€
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