We take meticulous care cleaning your jackets, coats etc ... Our K.W.L and Aqua processes make it possible to clean most delicate articles (beaded, with escutcheons etc ...) or materials that require special treatments (leatherskinssuede…). Your jackets are first unstained, put into the dry cleaning machine according to the most suitable method (K.W.L or Aqua) then ironed and passed to the "mannequin" in order to give them a new appearance.

We do have a tailoring service available in each of our stores to fit, alter, and repair garments to your requirements.

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Other services of "Luxury dry cleaning and laundering"

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Because of the severe crisis in our country due to the Coronavirus, we have decided to close our four stores until further notice. We care about the health of our customers and our staff above all. We hope to be able to welcome you again as soon as possible and are sorry for this situation. Take care of yourself. The management