Trousers & Shoes

Trousers & Shoes

We take care of all your pants (suit pants, jeans, jogging pants, velvet pants, lace pyjamas etc...). You must know that we give them special care. They are first unstained, dry cleaned, then pressed and ironed. Do not hesitate to tell us if you want to take your suit pants back with or without a fold.

As a luxury dry cleaners in Paris, we take a special care to any single detail and offer you tailor-made services which match with your standards and needs.

Glazing and pampering your shoes

Take advantage of cleaning your suit to make your most beautiful pairs of shoes glaze. It is a polishing technique that protects your shoes from external aggressions and provides optimal protection so that they can be used and kept in good conditions. This beautifies the patina of your shoe and protects its leather from uncleanness.

You can choose the pampering that allows you to give a new look to your old shoes:

  • The leather is pickled with milks and heated to 400-500 °C to get rid of the previous polishes.
  • Creams are then applied to nourish and soften.
  • Then the shoe is waxed and finally frozen.

This technique allows you to refrain from waxing your shoes for several months while keeping their shine and radiance ! We recommend that you do so before and after the winter so that you can keep them as long as possible.

Please also note that we offer a pick-up and delivery service at home.

For more information, please feel free to contact us !

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