Why should you give your delicate clothing to a luxury dry cleaners ?

Why should you give your delicate clothing to a luxury dry cleaners ?

You may ask yourself "why should I bring my wedding dress to a dry cleaners in Paris ?" or "Why using a "wedding dress dry cleaning" or even "Why should I use a dry cleaners service ?" The truth is that when you will have spent the best night of your life with your groom and your friends, you will want your wedding dress to be as beautiful as possible and to preserve it as long as possible.

The wedding dress dry cleaning process

At La Teinturerie, your luxury dry cleaners in Paris, we do have a special dry cleaning process that leads to a perfect and satisfactory result and gives total satisfaction to our customers.

First, your wedding dress is inspected and detailed in order to identify the type of garments that compose it and the stains and dirts that need to be removed. This process is essential in order to provide you with a satisfactory result in the end.

Then, the stain removal is performed by skilled professionals using traditional and eco-friendly techniques.

The wedding dress is then dry cleaned and follows a special program in accordance with its garments composition.

It is then hand finished by pressers of the highest standards and sent for a final inspection.

If the inspection reveals any remaining stain or imperfection, our chief of cleaning will send it back for another round of stain removal or dry cleaning.

This leads in the end to a perfect result and a wedding dress as new as the first time you wore it.

If you need any more information regarding our cleaning process, feel free to contact us by mail or phone or to visit our wedding dresses dedicated page. Remember that La Teinturerie is always your best option for luxury dry cleaning in Paris !

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