Why should we bring our clothes to a dry cleaners ?

Why should we bring our clothes to a dry cleaners ?

People often ask themselves about the usefulness of bringing their garments at a dry cleaners in Paris ?

Our clients trust us to take care of their most precious garments as we do ensure a perfect cleaning due to our unique method and experience in the field of dry cleaning. This method is splitted in seven major steps which are scrupulously followed:


The garment is inspected in detail to spot any imperfection, dirt or default to correct. This step is essential as it determines what has to be done at your dry cleaners.  This includes the identification of the garment type, its cleaning instructions in accordance with what is written on the label and what will be the products used to make the stain go away as best as possible.

Stain removal:

Our "détâcheuse" will take care of the different stains spotted in the previous step and prepare the garment for dry cleaning or Aqua cleaning depending on the type of garment and matter.


This is a rather automated step, the garment is put in the machine and the adapted program is launched to clean the garment.

Hand finishing:

Expert pressers iron the garment so that it is finished and has the best aspect as possible.

Minor repairs:

La Teinturerie, your luxury dry cleaners in Paris takes great attention to detail and is willing to hand in your garment in the best way possible. Therefore, in this step, any minor imperfection is corrected: loose hems, open seams,  loose buttons, missing buttons, etc...


One of your luxury dry cleaners staff then checkes the garment a last time before storing it to be sure it is totally perfect.


The garment is the packaged and stored in a safe a warm area.

These steps are essential in order to provide you with the best quality of cleaning as possible. In most dry cleaners in Paris you will find these steps, however none will be as precautious as La Teinturerie's team and staff members will be when taking care of your garment. The experience and skills in the field of dry cleaning in Paris has been sustained and transmitted since 1955.


For more information, do not hesitate to check our services or to contact us directly ! We will be more than happy to help you !

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