La Teinturerie, the best dry cleaners in Paris

La Teinturerie, the best dry cleaners in Paris

Looking for a quality dry cleaners to entrust your precious and delicate clothes? La Teinturerie is the best dry cleaners Paris that you need. With more than 60 years of experience in high quality dry cleaning, our team of professionals welcomes you in its four locations in Paris and Neuilly Sur Seine. Our expertise and our constant attention to detail entrusted to us have made the reputation of our services in the luxury laundry sector in Paris.

La Teinturerie, a traditional dry cleaners Paris

Our clients appreciate our luxury and traditional dry cleaning methods that respect both the environment and their clothes. Our luxury dry cleaning is anchored in a craft tradition based on different stages where scrupulous work dominates.

La Teinturerie, a tailor-made dry cleaning service

In our paris 16th laundry, we make it a point of honor to offer our customers a quality service tailored to each of your items. For this, each piece is treated in a particular way according to its own requirements. Before any treatment, a diagnosis is made according to the state, size and material of the room. Whatever your article, an individualized and customized solution will be considered in our pressing paris 16.

As the best dry cleaners in Paris, we do take care of your luxurious and fragile items. Thanks to our experience and our skills, we are able to handle all types of pieces, even the most delicate: beaded wedding dresses, leather, Hermès scarves, Dior costumes, Chanel bags, silk, suede, shearling ... In our laundry 75016, we are committed to protecting your parts throughout the laundry process.

La Teinturerie, the best dry cleaners with a special method

It is only then that the treatment begins, with an essential line of conduct: respect for the product. Detachment is the first step of our services. An expert applies to pre-brush your room using stain removers adapted to its material and its state. Then comes the washing itself. Depending on the room, our professional chooses the optimal option: washing with water, machine or solvent KWL. After cleaning, we inspect the result for the first time and, if necessary, detach it again. It is then the moment of the ironing by our hands of masters, always chosen according to your room: ventilated aspiration, taken of vapor, ironing directly on table ... Once this final step carried out, comes the moment of the control of the quality of the benefit. We aim for an impeccable result, so we are attentive to every detail (small residual stain, plush ...). Once this last check done, your room is waiting for you in our laundry paris 16!

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