La Teinturerie and Covid19 | Luxury dry cleaners | dry cleaners Paris

La Teinturerie and Covid19 | Luxury dry cleaners | dry cleaners Paris

La Teinturerie and the Covid-19

Dear clients,

as you know, our country and the world are hit by a violent pandemic which is slowing down our entire economy and our way of life.

La Teinturerie, your luxury laundry in Paris is very concerned with the safety of its customers and staff and intends to implement many preventive measures to protect the health of all.

Know in particular, that we will set up a queue sufficiently spaced to respect social distancing. Our receptionists will be equipped with visors, gowns and gloves, as will the staff in the workshop.

Regarding the treatment of your clothing on site, we have adopted a very strict procedure aimed at eliminating any risk of contamination by all means. Dirty clothes will be separated from clean clothes according to a very rigorous process. There will be a specific place on the counter where you can put your dirty clothes and another place where you can get your clean clothes so that the two do not meet. Of course, the surfaces of the Paris pressing counter will be cleaned regularly. We are all committed to La Teinturerie, your luxury Paris laundry, to ensure the safety of all our customers.

Regarding the delivery service of La Teinturerie, your luxury Paris laundry, we have adopted similar measures respecting social distancing and barrier gestures:

Our delivery service will be fully operational from May 11 and every precaution will be taken to avoid contact.

Thus, our delivery man will come to your door if you wish or simply wait for you at the bottom of the building with all the necessary protections: mask, glove, visor, blouse, hydro-alcoholic gel.

The quality of service of our company will be maintained as best we can in this difficult and disturbed environment that we are going through.

You can always find out about our services by visiting our site here.

The whole team at La Teinturerie, luxury laundry Paris, hopes to see you again soon and recommends that you take care of yourself.

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