How to clean a long pile carpet?

How to clean a long pile carpet?

It is not always necessary to hire a professional to clean shaggy or shaggy rugs. There are indeed tips for removing dust, removing stains and reviving the complexion using conventional cleaning products. Discover all our tips on how to clean a long pile carpet.

How to clean a long pile carpet on a daily basis?
It is recommended to clean long-haired rugs every day so that the dirt does not become encrusted. To do this, you can spread it outside and then beat it with a broom. You will see that as you hit it, the dust and crumbs will come off it.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to stay indoors, leave the rug in its usual place and vacuum it. But in this case, use the hose nozzle so as not to attack it. If you use the brush attachment, you risk pulling out the bristles and damaging the texture of the rug.

How to clean long pile carpet every month?
Daily cleaning consists only of dusting the carpet in order to maintain it. But to make it completely clean, it is necessary to clean long-pile carpet with plenty of water every month. To do this, wet the entire surface with lukewarm water and pour a few drops of mild shampoo into it. Leaving it spread out on the ground, rub it without attacking it with a sponge. Then rinse it thoroughly with clean water to leave no product residue, before hanging it up to dry it. Be aware, by the way, that there are leave-in shampoos available in supermarkets that are effective at cleaning long pile rugs. Do not hesitate to use it if you want to save water.

What to do in case of a persistent task
Want to know how to clean a long pile carpet when it has tough stains? Whether it's a trace of oil, mud, ink or sauce, make soapy water your ally. Start by pouring cold water into a basin and adding a few drops of washing up liquid. Lather the mixture, then pour a certain amount on the stain. Gently rub the stained area with a cotton cloth, and rinse it in the same way, but with cool water without soap. Finish the operation by drying quickly with a hair dryer.

You can do the same for cleaning long pile rugs with ammonia, but in this case, be sure to rinse the polished area with vinegar water. As for the proportions, you need 1/3 of the product and 2/3 of cold water. And if you have soda crystals, you can pour half a cup of it in hot water to clean the carpet before rinsing it with clean water.

How to preserve the quality of your carpet?
You need to know how to clean a long pile carpet if you want yours to maintain its qualities. To this end, whether it is wool, synthetic fabric, or velvet, be careful not to wet the backing, as its thickness and rigidity can make drying complicated. As for the use of products (shampoo, ammonia, dishwashing liquid), always remember to test a small area before proceeding with the overall cleaning. This will allow you to see if the substance attacks the hair or not, and if it affects the color or not. This will make it easier for you to take the necessary measures before the entire carpet is damaged. And when it comes to cleaning with plenty of water, it should not be done too frequently at the risk of promoting hair loss. The use of a brush to remove stains should also be avoided so as not to alter the texture of the carpet.

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