La Teinturerie: high-end laundry since several generations

La Teinturerie: high-end laundry since several generations

La Teinturerie: a history of excellence since 1955

La Teinturerie has been writing the history of luxury laundry since 1955, when its founder, André Benhamou, inspired the brand's history. This excellence is the result of excellent training and the transmission of intergenerational knowledge of high-end dry cleaning in Paris.

Top-of-the-range dry cleaning is characterized first and foremost by the quality of the teams and their motivation. Our teams are regularly trained and improve their technique of detaching, ironing, customer reception. A precise calendar taking stock of each person's skills is put in place each year. These methods guarantee us always perfect work and motivated teams.

La Teinturerie, prestigious clients

We are fortunate to work with a prestigious clientele. But who says prestigious, says demanding. Our work must be perfect and irreproachable at all times. The clients who trust us are very varied and represent: the biggest names in French haute couture, the biggest investment banks, the biggest law firms, the Paris Opera, the Bastille Opera, the biggest theaters, the Olympia, the former presidents ...

La Teinturerie, a luxury laundry, an address that is transmitted in the discretion

Are you looking for the right tip to degrease a family dress? Your best friend just got married and doesn't know where to get her dress cleaned. La Teinturerie is the right address to get you out of trouble. It's always nice to have an address that nobody knows and that offers you tailor-made services.

La Teinturerie, a dedicated team that answers all your questions

You can always contact us, by email, phone, SMS, Facebook etc ... We will always answer all your questions. If not, come see us, and our managers will be happy to provide you with information! Also, feel free to check out all of our blog posts here!

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