The wedding dress cleaning at the laundry !

The wedding dress cleaning at the laundry !

Do you want to keep an unforgettable memory of your wedding?

The cleaning of your wedding dress is one of the points not to be neglected in order not to spoil the party. By contacting a wedding dress cleaner, your dress will be as beautiful as the morning of the ceremony. It will become the most precious element of your wardrobe.

What are the most common types of stains on a wedding dress?
The most common stains on a wedding dress are those of food and liquids: cocktail, wine, champagne. If you've taken photos outdoors, your wedding dress may have been stained with grass, dirt, or even mud if the weather was rainy. Seaside photos are popular, but again, your dress may have been stained by salt water, seaweed or mud. A wedding is always rich in emotions, which is why cleaning your wedding dress will also remove sweat or deodorant stains. In any case, the wedding dress laundry remains the only solution to restore your dress to all its splendor.

Why go to a dry cleaner for your wedding dress?
Even if it has only been used for one day, cleaning your wedding dress can only be done by a professional. The wedding dresses are made in specific fabrics. They often feature lace, pearls, rhinestones and embroidery. If you do a regular wash, all of these precious items may become damaged, unstitched or even melt with the heat. The cleaning of your wedding dress can of course not be considered in a conventional washing machine, or even by hand because you will not be able to restore the fabric to all its poise, nor to eliminate the creases. A wedding dress cleaner calls on specialized labor who perfectly master all the necessary techniques.

When to clean your wedding dress?
Like many brides, you will want to keep your dress for very long years in your wardrobe or dressing room. It is imperative to have your wedding dress cleaned as soon as possible after the ceremony. Thanks to the attentive work of your wedding dress cleaner, it will regain its new appearance and its original shine. It will be returned to you with a cover that will protect it from dust, humidity and dirt. To perfect its service, La Teinturerie offers you an exclusive box that will allow you to keep your dress intact, as if it had never been used. You can then store it in your closet and find it always intact over time.

Who should you entrust with cleaning her wedding dress?
You can contact your usual dry cleaning but it is of course advisable to contact a dry cleaning specialist in wedding dresses such as La Teinturerie in Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine. You will be dealing with a real professional who will advise you on the best solution to implement. Processing times are generally quite short. If you are going on a honeymoon, you will be sure to find your dress clean and intact upon your return. Do not hesitate to ask for a free estimate or simply for advice.

How much does the laundry cost for a wedding dress?
The price charged for cleaning a wedding dress varies depending on many factors: size and style of the dress, type of fabric, ornaments, veil or train. Specific treatments will be applied to ensure optimal cleaning while protecting colors and fabrics. A white wedding dress will be returned to you with all its brilliance. If you have chosen a pastel shade or more colorful, you will find the original shade without any discoloration. After cleaning your wedding dress will be as beautiful as when you bought it. This small investment is minimal compared to the satisfaction of having preserved this essential memory of the happiest day of your life.

Why not wash your wedding dress by hand?
Many sites encourage you to clean your wedding dress by hand. We must be aware that this operation risks permanently damaging this precious object. The dress may deform under the weight of the water or be damaged by detergents, even mild or natural. It will be very difficult to remove stains without damaging the fabric or creating rings. The dress should dry flat, which means having enough room. It is of course out of the question to put it in the dryer. You will quickly realize that you have embarked on an operation.

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