The good method to clean and preserve your wedding dress

The good method to clean and preserve your wedding dress

Princess of a day princess forever ! This article will give you an idea of ​​the good advice to follow to maintain your wedding dress after the wedding. Often, and this is especially done by people of a mature age, wedding dresses are transformed. But, so that your children and grandsons see your dress in the same condition in which you have worn it, follow these few ideas. Whether it's made with silk, chiffon material or laces your dress will always be beautiful and who knows maybe your dress will be the future wedding dress of your great little girl.

La Teinturerie, the best dry cleaners in Paris to clean and maintain your wedding dress

It is sure that you were (or will be, if the big day has not yet taken place) the queen of the ball during your big day. Dont worry ! Enjoy the party, drink, dance, there are always solutions to dry clean your wedding dress at any time, although it is much easier if the cleaning is done sufficiently early. The first things to do is to know with what material the dress was made. In the case where the dress is bi-material it is necessary to take the following precautions. If your dress is made of silk with pearls, take a sponge soaked in water. Put some Marseille soap powder on the sponge and gently rub the part where there is stain. If stains do not come off, avoid using solvents. This could damage the colors of pearl balls and destroy the texture of the silk. Take a quart of warm water and dip the sponge in, rub the Marseille soap with the sponge and rub the robe very gently. If your dress is made of lace and silk, follow the same process. If your dress is made from a single material, take the time to gently remove the stains with a soaped sponge. And even trick, if the stains do not come off do it with a little warm water. At La Teinturerie, your dry cleaners wedding dress paris, you will always be welcome to ask any question you would have on the cleaning process that will be employed to clean your wedding dress.

An ideal storage

First, it would be necessary to devote a large space to arrange it. Remove the hoop if there is one and put the wedding dress on a good hanger with a good curvature on the inside. Make sure that the wedding dress does not take plaice, as it is very important to keep it intact. Try to ask a friend for help when you arrange it, she can help you remove the plaice. Also make sure that the dress is high so that it does not twist.

For accessories

Put the sail or the train in a safe place, away from dust. You can fold it and arrange it in a suitcase. To remove dust on your sail, emulsify water with washing up liquid and soak the sail in this soapy water. Rub the sail gently and try to remove the traces with your hand. Make a very slight movement of back and forth so that the stains are removed.

For the pouch, you can wash it with a sponge soaked in soapy water. If the pouch is made of satin, try using emulsified water with dishwashing liquid. All mixed with a little bicarbonate and let the mixture ten minutes. After this break time, rub the stains with the sponge soaked in this mixture. Repeat the movement very gently until the stains are removed. If your bag has pearls, you can try tips that do not damage the beads and especially no solvents. By following these tips you will see that your dress will remain new.

And finally, in any case, it is always more judicious to call upon a real professional at the end of your wedding to clean your wedding dress and then store it in a suitable box, this will keep it in excellent condition !

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