La Teinturerie: Your wedding dress dry cleaners !

La Teinturerie: Your wedding dress dry cleaners !

After an emotional ceremony where you said yes, the best day of your life ended with a big party that you shared with your family and friends. Now, it's time to start your new married life and store your wedding dress in your closet.

But after a day of walking around your husband's arm and dancing, your princess dress has mud, champagne or wine stains. The petticoat of your dress is blackened to have dragged on the ground.

To give it splendor and brilliance, the best decision is to entrust its maintenance to La Teinturerie's cleaning experts.

Do not wait to have your wedding dress cleaned after your wedding ceremony.

Stains of mud, alcohol, sweat do not play in your favour. Also, it is best to have your dress cleaned in the days following the ceremony to have an optimum result.

You have the chance to wear your mother's dress or you have opted for a second-hand purchase, your cleaning wedding dress will give back all your dress shine so that you are the most radiant on the day of the ceremony.

Choosing a dry cleaners for your wedding dress:

A wedding dress consists of various delicate fabrics, silk, tulle, lace and delicate ornaments like ribbons, pearls or brilliants. Washing and ironing require special attention that only a wedding dress dry cleaners can bring you.

Cleaning at La Teinturerie Paris, your dry cleaners paris for your wedding dress:

Each wedding dress receives an individualized treatment according to its composition and the degree of dirtiness.

A first inspection allows the staff to define the degree of fouling of the fabric and analyze the different stains in order to bring the best solution.

A washing and ironing in adequacy with the specificities of each component of the dress allow a brilliant result as in the first day.

Your wedding dress dry cleaners also offers a final thorough inspection to eradicate any stains that would not have been detected the first time.

You can also benefit if you want a touch-up service to remove snags, strengthen seams or ornaments.

The conservation of her wedding dress:

To keep your wedding dress in the best conditions, your dry suit paris wedding recommends to store your dress in the shelter of the dust and the light to avoid any deterioration of the tissues. For this, your dry wedding dress offers patented storage boxes to keep your wedding dress intact in the long run.

Your wedding dress is a special outfit for a very special day, it deserves the best treatment so you can keep it long in perfect condition. For this, your dry suit paris wedding dress offers all its know-how and expertise.

Feel free to contact us for more information and to read our article on How to clean and preserve your wedding dress after the ceremony here.

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