How to preserve your wedding dress: La Teinturerie's wedding box !

How to preserve your wedding dress: La Teinturerie's wedding box !

That's it ! You were expecting it, La Teinturerie did it, the Wedding Box is available!

Your luxury laundry took many weeks to concoct a box specially adapted to the conservation of your most beautiful dresses, inspired by the conservation techniques of museums in France.

Why choose a La Teinturerie box?

The Wedding Box is the best way to keep your wedding dress or evening dress in the long term by protecting it from multiple external aggressions such as dust, humidity, UV rays from the sun which whiten it etc ...

At La Teinturerie, your luxury laundry in Paris, we have concocted a box of artisanal and ecological quality, 100% "made in France" which guarantees you optimal conservation and quality.

If you have the slightest problem, we will replace the box for you free of charge. These are guaranteed for life by our manufacturers, specialists in the conservation of works of art in France.

The Teinturerie Wedding Gift Box

As part of the box we offer you:

A large conservation box identical to those in museums with dimensions: 200 x 61 x 15 cm
A silk preservation muslin
Satin ribbon
A hanger to keep your dress in the "ready-to-store" display box
This set is suitable for any type of dress and precious textile. It is particularly suitable for wedding dresses, evening dresses, bustiers, voluminous dresses with a train, dresses cut in the bias or in mesh.

You will have the possibility to store your dress as well in "wardrobe" as lying down, do not hesitate to tell us at the time of purchase.

The Wedding Box is available for 69 euros in your luxury laundry La Teinturerie.

The materials of the Wedding Box

The polymer used for making your box complies with international standards for the conservation of precious materials. At the same time neutral, light and rigid, insensitive to water, tear-proof and recyclable, it will ensure optimal protection of the fibers of your dress, against oxidation, yellowing and premature aging.

The silk muslin is specially designed in a specialized French workshop to prevent oxidation and premature aging of the fibers. Its pH is neutral and the material is untreated and natural. Our boxes are invoiced in France and delivered "ready to fit". However, if you entrust us with the cleaning, we will offer you the setting up of your dress in its box, ready to be stored.

Contact us for more details !

Do not hesitate to contact us here for more information on the Wedding Box, to consult our prices here or to consult our page dedicated to delicate items here.

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