Cleaning your wedding dress after the ceremony

Cleaning your wedding dress after the ceremony

Cleaning your wedding dress

The big day has arrived, you spent the night of your dreams with friends, your soulmate and your family. Champagne, petits-fours, dance, all the elements are gathered so that your wedding dress has finished in a dirty state.

Wondering how to get rid of sweat, champagne, grease, mud on the train and get your wedding dress back to youth.

The luxury laundry La Teinturerie: the solution to give your wedding dress its initial appearance:

It is essential to entrust your dress to a dry suit and do it early enough, to avoid that the tasks are inscribed and are very difficult to remove later.

Indeed, by cleaning it early enough, we will be able to detach it completely and clean it perfectly which is complicated if you hang out.

Feel free to check out our article dedicated to wedding dresses to find out more about our cleaning methods.

Marriage is an exciting adventure, an exceptional day of which you are the queen. For many of you, the wedding dress is the major symbol of the commitment made and a memory to cherish throughout the married life. However, after several hours spent in the sun or in the rain, a few glasses of champagne, languorous or frantic dances, the precious dress can be soiled, defeated. So, before making her a special place in your wardrobe until your girl is old enough to try it, you'll want to find her in all her glory. You type on your search engine "wedding dress cleaning", "luxury paris wedding dress", "dry cleaners wedding dress" and you are wondering. Can a traditional dry cleaners take care of one of your wardrobe's jewels? Should we actually go through a wedding dress pressing? Here is some information to guide you in the choice that suits you.

When to clean her wedding dress ?

It should be known that the dirt is incrusted and can damage the fibers of the fabric. If you leave a spot on your dress near 3 years, you would have a good chance of not being able to recover it as it was on your big day. It is often recommended to leave your wedding dress to a dry cleaners in Paris in the month following the wedding. Thus, the fabrics will have all the chances to find their brightness.

What are the steps of the wedding dress cleaning ?

Before any operation, the specialist will carefully examine the tissues for stains and remove them. Then begin cleaning. Chiffon, tulle, silk, satin, etc., cleaning products are carefully selected according to your dress. Ironing will also be done according to the different fabrics and accessories incorporated: pearls, ribbons, glitter, etc. Then come the moment, depending on the quality of the service you choose, where your dress is inspected again, where each snag is resumed, each seam tightened, each pearl put in its place. Finally, after a final check, the dress will be protected from dust, light and mold. Always according to your choice, you will receive it in a cover, hanging from an inflatable hanger, or in a storage box, allowing the tissues to breathe, each part of your skirt separated from the others by acid-free paper.

How to choose between a traditional dry cleaners and a luxury dry cleaners specialized in wedding dress ?

A wedding dress has at least two different types of fabrics and embroidery or ornaments. These features make cleaning much more delicate. Products for dry cleaning are relatively aggressive and not all fabrics will support their contact. This explains their reduced use for a wedding dress. A lambda dry cleaners may eventually be able to wash all the fabrics separately but you will not want to know how to put your dress in pieces. Ironing is an extremely difficult technique that requires a lot of time since it can not be an iron spent on the entire dress. Think about preserving the volume and the hold of the tissues. Finally, a dry cleaner may not be able to provide you with the housing or, failing that, the protective cover that your dress will need to support the years.

For all these reasons, we cannot but congratulate you for looking for "paris luxury wedding dress" and visit our website We understand the link that unites you to your dress and have all the skills to treat it the most beautiful In any way, you will recover your precious and store it carefully to revive the images of such a beautiful day.

Feel free to contact us for more information and to consult our section on cleaning wedding dresses here.

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