Cleaning and restoring your carpets

Cleaning and restoring your carpets

Are you wondering how to clean your carpet in good condition? Whether made from silk, cotton or wool or made with synthetic materials like polypropylene or acrylic, they are always coveted items. Her beautiful images and drawings always make you want to keep them in their place. If you are looking for ideas on their cleaning and maintenance, this article may be of interest to you. What is best for natural and what is good for synthetics will be presented. The cleaning of your carpets cannot be improvised and you must be careful to have the right reflexes.

Gently clean natural fiber rugs
Made with plant or animal materials, they are real jewels. And, all fanatics go to great lengths to have several collections. But meticulous work will be on your programs if you are one of those fans. So the first steps to properly clean them is to first remove the dust that resides in the mesh of the threads. With a brush or vacuum cleaner, move back and forth across the surface. Go from length to width to suck up the dust in the pores. This is necessary in order to revive and so that the material returns to its original appearance.

Next, check if there are any stains or streak marks that change the appearance of the carpet. While considering the originality of the "natural" material, we must clearly see the nature of the stain. For mud or dust stains, just take a sponge and soaked the sponge in water rub gently on the part where there are dust marks. When rubbing, follow an "o" motion so that the stain comes off easily. For oil stains, then you really need the advice of your dyer so that the removal leaves no further impact on your carpet. If necessary, it would be more favorable to have them cleaned by your dry cleaners.

Choosing the right cleaning methods for synthetic rugs
To give you ideas: there are synthetic or viscose silks; polyesters which resist fading; Polypropylene acrylic made from recycled material and acrylics made from synthetic wool. They have the same looks as those made from natural fibers. They are easier to maintain.

Dust using the same process as with natural fibers. The vacuum cleaner and brush are the main tools for this step. Soap and water can help with stains.

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