How to perfume your laundry?

How to perfume your laundry?

It is always pleasant to smell a good linen scent on you. You can give your linens a scent of your choice by applying various tips or by requesting the services of a Paris dry cleaning specialist. Whether washing, drying or in the wardrobe, it is possible to perfume clothes and other linens. You should still know that immediate drying is recommended to properly maintain your laundry and avoid unpleasant odors. In this sense, forgetting a finished laundry in the drum of the washing machine is a mistake to be avoided. If you are in a hurry and cannot wait for the end of the washing cycle, you can choose the "Rinse Hold" mode. This will allow your washing machine to stop washing and resume work when you are back.

Essential oils, an option to have linen that smells good
Essential oils are suitable products for perfuming your linens. Given the multitude of scents available on the market, you can choose the best linen perfume, according to your preferences. However, avoid essential oils made from cinnamon, tangerine and frankincense. Indeed, these essences are aggressive and can stain your clothes. Rather, it is recommended to opt in favor of lavender, vanilla or iris. After purchasing the right product, you can do the following:

On a washcloth, pour between 10 and 15 drops of essential oil,
Add the essential oil soaked mitt to your laundry in the drum of a washing machine.
You can dilute the drops by using a little vinegar in the fabric softener tray of the machine.
Ironing water, a good dyeing technique
Want to wear smelling laundry? Think about the technique of ironing water. It consists of spraying a small amount of scented distilled water on your clothes while ironing them. Avoid, however, putting essential oil inside the reservoir of your iron. This could clog it and shorten its life. It is better to make your own ironing water. The principle is not complicated. You just need to find a vaporizer and fill it with water and a few drops of essential oil.

Lavender sachets: a pleasant linen scent in your wardrobes
Lavender generates a natural fragrance with soothing and relaxing effects. It has long been used in herbal teas to soothe a cold. It is also possible to impregnate a cloth with lavender and use it to decongest the airways and feel better when you have a cold. Today, it is still used as a linen fragrance suitable for clothes and shoes in wardrobes and closets. A sachet of lavender under your pillow helps you sleep better. You can also put a sachet of lavender at the bottom of the dirty laundry bin to mask bad smells.

The services of a professional dyer
With a few simple tips, doing laundry at home becomes a pleasure. However, for delicate laundry, it is better to entrust the work to a Paris laundry specialist, such as This is a company with extensive experience in luxury laundry. It has existed since 1955. This Paris laundry company is recognized for its quality work and its 100% artisanal methods. Being an expert in dyeing, she takes care of everything that is cleaning and luxury laundry, cleaning of carpets and furniture, cleaning of curtains, curtains and carpets at home. You can trust the company to take care of specific garments, such as wedding dresses, uniforms, attorneys' dresses, theater costumes, etc. She intervenes for various services.

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