How to properly clean your carpets at home?

How to properly clean your carpets at home?

Carpets are full length rugs that are commonly used to enhance the comfort and insulation of a home. However, they require special attention to be hygienic and pleasant at all times. Techniques abound in this direction, whether with products to use at home, or through the services provided by professionals. What interests homes right now is Do It Yourself or DIY. Also, how do you properly clean your carpets at home?

Vacuum cleaner: a classic for carpet
Vacuuming a carpet is essential to keep it clean. This should be done as regularly as possible given that with its particular structure, this type of coating more easily catches impurities such as hair, or even small debris. Cleaning professionals even advise vacuuming at least twice a week. Do not hesitate to go to the most remote areas of the house. In addition, the use of a brush device is interesting to remove hairs that can become embedded deep in the carpet.

Total cleaning with soap or shampoo
At least once a year, it is strongly recommended to thoroughly wash the carpet. It is possible to do this either with soap or with shampoo. For the latter, specialized products for rugs and carpets are sold in supermarkets, or in specialized DIY houses. This action will remove all items that have not been vacuumed. It will also eliminate the mites that like to proliferate in this type of coating.

Avoid attacking the fibers of the carpet
If the owner wants to do a rough cleaning of his carpet by passing a sponge for example, it is quite possible. However, do not attack the fibers that make up the carpet with a lot of water. The carpet must be allowed to live if it is not yet for a total wash. With too much water, it risks creating favorable conditions for the proliferation of small mite-type animals, for the creation of an unpleasant smell of humidity, and above all for the destruction of the carpet by directly attacking its fibers.

Protection against stains
Stains are the first enemies of carpets, especially in homes where there are a lot of children, or a lot of people or animals are walking around. There are products on the market that can prevent these stains by preventing them from becoming embedded in the fibers of the carpet. These products can also prevent dirt and dust mites. The frequency of their application depends on each brand.

Check the products carefully
Before using the products that are offered to clean a carpet, or to remove a stain, it is advisable to check them, or to test them on parts that are not too exposed. Indeed, some products may not be suitable for certain carpets and may even destroy them. If the test is negative and it creates stains or the like, it will be easier to hide the stain or the damaged part behind a sofa or behind a bedside table, when the tested surface is not too exposed.

Remove stains
Despite all the precautions that can be taken, the carpet may still be stained. Several methods exist to remove them. If it is relatively recent, it is possible, for example, to use absorbent paper so as not to let the product go deeper. In case the stain is more encrusted, the owner can always use a stain remover, taking care to gently dab the part in question. In addition, for all the products chosen, it is strongly recommended to strictly follow the instructions in order to be able to use them optimally.

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