Cleaning your curtains at La Teinturerie

Cleaning your curtains at La Teinturerie

The curtains are essential elements of interior decoration, hence the importance of in dyeing to remove dust and stains to restore their splendor. Your pressing paris guarantees a luxury cleaning for your curtains and curtains, whatever their size.

The cleaning of curtains in dyeing

Even if, unlike delicate fabrics like silk, velvet or lined curtains, some curtains in voile, cotton, polyester and linen are a priori not very demanding and can be satisfied with a homemade treatment, this kind of cleaning respects a few rules regarding the products to be used and the temperature of the water. It is not superfluous to entrust them to a professional if you want to benefit from an impeccable cleaning. It's even recommended. The colors of curtains and other pieces of furniture are lost over time and sometimes periodic dusting is not enough. It is therefore necessary to clean the curtains in depth. Since 1955, the dyer Paris puts at your service its experience in luxury dyeing to remove all impurities encrusted on your curtains and net curtains so that they regain their luster.

The professional laundry Paris

Your Paris dyer treats your curtains and double curtains with the greatest care and attention. Each piece will receive a personalized treatment. The cleaning process will be carefully chosen depending on the material and color of your curtains. Before any cleaning, stain removal will be done beforehand. Thanks to a 100% artisanal method, the dyeing shop can guarantee an impeccable cleaning. The colors will not bleed or fade and your curtains will keep their clothes. The cleaning is done by a team specialized in precious fabric maintenance which guarantees a quality work, recognized by the largest hotel establishments as well as the big houses. For your convenience, our technicians can come to your home to pick up your curtains, under curtains and net curtains and put them back after cleaning in our shops.

4 shops pressing Paris

To clean your curtains, trust your Paris dyer. We guarantee a fast and quality work, the result of know-how in pressing luxury that has been perpetuated from generation to generation since 1955. Find us at our 4 shops (Auteuil, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Champ of Mars, Passy). Your curtains and sheers will undoubtedly give your rooms a new sparkle.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to consult our section on cleaning curtains here.

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