How to dry a clean carpet

How to dry a clean carpet

How do you dry clean a carpet?
Beautiful rugs decorate and enhance the comfort of a room. However, in a living room, they are susceptible to staining, especially if their fibers are natural and fragile. In most cases, it is possible to limit the damage at home, with methods that are easy to implement. Otherwise, the use of a carpet cleaner is essential!

Dusting: an essential step
Before tackling any stain, it helps to dust off the carpet. This is also the basic care for a carpet as a rule, at a frequency of two to three times a week. This precaution makes it possible to remove any soiling before proceeding to cleaning the stains. Just vacuum gently, without the brush. When it comes to stains, how do you clean paris rugs?

White vinegar: an effective product
Natural and easy to use, for a homemade carpet cleaner, it is applied in small quantities over the entire surface of the stain. You have to rub for 2 minutes and then pause for a quarter of an hour. As a finish, a solution of water and washing up liquid should be poured over the stain and rubbed with a brush. Then we move on to rinsing with water and drying with a clean cloth. To learn how to dry clean a carpet with baking soda, follow the guide!

Bicarbonate and sparkling water: guaranteed shine!
Thanks to these ingredients, cleaning your paris carpet is child's play. Using a sponge, run sparkling water on your mat. Scrub it with a brush and then let it dry for half an hour. Then, all you have to do is sprinkle the baking soda and finally vacuum. This improvised home carpet cleaner gives a new lease of life to your carpet!

How do you dry clean a carpet with shaving foam?
This care product is also used to clean paris carpets. The foam should be propelled in a thick layer on the stain. A break of at least one hour is necessary. Then the stain will be rubbed. In difficult cases, the shaving foam should act for a whole day or even a night. Another way to clean paris carpets, diluted ammonia gives good results.

How do I dry clean a carpet with ammonia?
By mixing 2/3 water and 1/3 ammonia, you get an effective solution to apply to the stain using a soaked sponge. This homemade carpet cleaning continues with several rinses and spins of the stained area. Then comes the drying with a hair dryer. This is the ideal method for a wool rug with natural and fragile fibers. Commercial sprays and foams can be effective on certain stains. However, proper carpet cleaning requires professional service.

How to clean paris rugs?

While these homemade techniques work, there are some difficult stains that require a dry cleaning service. When cold water and common stain removers are no longer sufficient, the Teinturerie is the ideal partner to clean paris rugs. Our carpet cleaner specializes in the dry cleaning of delicately woven carpets:

made of silk ...
An expert team implements the appropriate technique to clean paris rugs.

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