Cleaning your coat

Cleaning your coat

Winter is approaching and it's already time to take out your down jacket and get warm. But small problem, it is quite dull and has lost its luster; result, you have to wash it! There are two solutions available to you in this case: either take it to the dry cleaners or wash it yourself. How to wash a down jacket? You are certainly wondering. Well, it is quite possible to carry out this task, even if the difficulty lies in drying. Indeed, it can happen that his down is deformed and becomes bundled. If you have any doubts about the methods to follow to wash a down jacket yourself, we explain it in detail in this article!

Know before washing your down jacket
Before washing a down jacket, it is important to take into consideration the material with which it is made. Indeed, if you have a synthetic, then its maintenance will be very easy. They do not require specific care, since all are machine washable at a temperature of 30 °. On the other hand, if your down jacket is made of fur, feather or down, the situation is quite different, because they are very delicate.
Therefore, we advise you to take into account the recommendations mentioned on the garment care label. You have to find out if you can wash the jacket by hand or in the machine, if drying and spinning in the machine is allowed, etc. All of these are important for the proper care of your garment. Failure to respect them would damage it.

How to clean your down jacket?
Washing a down jacket will be complicated to do if you do not take the necessary measures to ensure that it does not get damaged. As we mentioned earlier, you need to be reassured if your garment is hand or machine wash. This will allow you to know which washing method to adopt to optimize its maintenance.

Clean a stained down jacket
If your down jacket is just stained, you may just need to clean it instead of washing it completely. In this case, you only need to find the affected areas and clean them with a washcloth. This will save you from having to wear your clothes. For this, the glove that you will use must first be moistened with water and Marseille soap or a homemade detergent made by yourself.
You will then need to gently rub the stained areas, taking care to avoid wetting the down which is inside your garment. Thereafter, the surface should be rinsed, then sponge thoroughly with a dry towel. This action will help you avoid halo formation. Finally, you will let the down jacket dry on a hanger.

Wash a down jacket in the washing machine
After checking, if you realize that your down jacket is compatible with washing in a washing machine, then it is certainly polyester that is easy to wash. So you can pass it without fear of distortion on its part. However, it is recommended to respect a temperature of 30 ° to make sure not to damage it. To start washing, first think of emptying all the pockets of your garment before starting the machine.
Obviously, you want the down not to pack. For this, we recommend that you set the spin to the minimum possible. Our tip to help you keep the puffy look of your down jacket? Simply put a few tennis balls in your machine. This will allow your garment to keep its bulking while regaining its volume during drying.

Wash your down jacket by hand
How to wash a feather puffer jacket, since it is not compatible with the washing machine? In this case, washing will be done by hand. This is the best solution here to help you keep its bulky down, as well as its waterproofness. Washing a down jacket by hand therefore means not completely immersing it in water. This will prevent your downy sound from becoming lumpy, while retaining the insulating properties of the feathers. You will therefore need:

Put soapy water in a basin or bowl
Spread your down jacket on a large, very thick towel
Gently rub it with a sponge on the parts to be cleaned
Then use a glove wet with clear water, to rinse it
Gently wring, never twist
Finally, let it dry on a hanger.
When drying, restore volume to your down jacket
It won't help much to know how to wash a jota down jacket if you don't know how to dry it! Indeed, this is a very important step in the maintenance of your garment. Because it’s designed to keep you warm, it has that puffy, puffy side that it’s important

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