How to avoid wrinkling your clothes when packing your suitcase?

How to avoid wrinkling your clothes when packing your suitcase?

Some tips to prepare your suitcase without ruining your clothes!

As the holidays approach, there are two types of people: the one who always knows how to pack their suitcase without damaging anything and the one who uses the hard method of sitting on it to close it. This article will give you the keys to being the first person and driving those around you crazy. La Teinturerie, your luxury dry cleaning Paris, reveals its secrets of luxury dry cleaning so that your suitcase is always up to your clothes! If you are reading this article it is because you were necessarily part of this second category! So to avoid unpleasant surprises before you go on vacation, follow our advice. This will not only prevent you from wrinkling your clothes and therefore the chore of ironing, but will also save you a significant amount of space.

Start with the bulkiest clothes
It is recommended to start by placing all your bulky clothing at the bottom of your suitcase, such as jeans, jackets, sweaters, etc. This will allow you not only to save space but also power protect some of your clothes that are more likely to be wrinkled than others.

Roll up your clothes
Rather than piling up your things, you can roll them up for better storage. It might sound surprising, but don't worry, we've tested it! This technique is undoubtedly the most effective because it saves real space and prevents you from wrinkling your clothes. This clever idea can be used for all types of clothing, as well for t-shirts, as for pants or even shirts. To do this, all you need to do is fold the sleeves (for the tops) and the legs (for the bottoms) inward and then roll the garment from the bottom up.

Fold your long sleeve shirts
It's an open secret, the shirt is at the top of the list of items that wrinkle as quickly as possible. Although La Teinturerie, your luxury laundry in Paris is a champion in terms of cleaning, we will save you unnecessary expenses by following our advice. So to avoid the drudgery of ironing on your trip, we suggest that you fold your shirt sleeves back and down. And finally, starting at the hem, start rolling them up.

Use a shoe bag
To avoid soiling your clothes and also wrinkling them, a shoe bag is highly recommended. Otherwise, you can adopt an old technique that our mothers used when they came to pick us up at the sport on Wednesdays. The plastic bag! Easy to find and just as convenient.

Place your delicate clothes in storage bags
It is well known that the plastic of the bag prevents wrinkles from forming on clothes. However, if your favorite blouse is a little wrinkled on the finish, don't worry. Put it on a hanger in the hotel bathroom and run the hot water. Water vapor will instantly reduce wrinkles in your garment. Convenient, isn't it?

Now storing your suitcase becomes child's play! You just have to follow our expert advice, and packing your suitcase will no longer be a chore! Also know that you can always call us if you have any questions, our experts are always at your disposal!

PS: Of course, these tips are also valid when you return!

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