How often should I have my costume cleaned?

How often should I have my costume cleaned?

The suit is arguably the supreme symbol of elegance. Suitable for both large and small occasions, it can sublimate the wearer or make them look poorly dressed. Indeed, a poorly maintained costume can be very damaging to the image of the wearer. In addition, its purchase represents a real investment. For all these reasons, maintaining a costume is vital. However, should it be cleaned after each use?

The costume, a delicate piece
Just as you don't buy a suit like you buy jeans, you can't take the same care. A ride in the washing machine is not the solution. Most of the costumes are made from noble and delicate materials that are incompatible with the washing machine. The best the latter could do is damage the fabric. It is wiser to entrust the cleaning of your costume to professionals to keep it quality for a long time.

What is the correct frequency?
It is recommended to have your costume cleaned once a quarter. This is the right balance to ensure both good maintenance and good preservation of the fabric. However, this frequency may vary depending on the use made of this precious garment. For a person who does not use it regularly, two cleanings per year are more than enough. This frequency easily corresponds to a person who frequently alternates several costumes. On the other hand, if the costume is accidentally stained, by grease for example, it goes without saying that it should be cleaned immediately. With these kinds of exceptions, four times a year is usually sufficient. But that comes with some good habits.

Maintenance tips
If the costume is a garment that is recommended to be cleaned infrequently, it is essential to provide it with daily care to maintain its beauty and quality. Here are some essential rules. Putting your costume on a hanger: When it is not being worn, it is recommended that you put your costume on a hanger, preferably made of wood. The jacket retains its original shape and the pleats in the pants stay in the right place. Brushing your costume: While it is not recommended to have your costume cleaned after each use, it is advisable to brush it with a fabric brush with soft natural bristles. Airing out your costume: Airing helps eliminate bad odors that can easily be stored up. Also after use, no need to put it away immediately.
Have a protective cover: the cover is a minimal investment in view of the protection it provides. It allows you to easily transport your costume during a trip but above all to protect it.

Professional occasion, social event, private reason ... the suit is the faithful ally of elegant men. For that alone he deserves privileged treatment. Its maintenance requires the skill and expertise of specialists in the field and therefore to call on high-end dry cleaning. It is recommended, except in exceptional cases, to have your costume cleaned two to four times a year. The rest of the time, you just need to follow the proper housekeeping rules to keep a great costume looking good for any occasion.

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